Bank of America Customer Service


Bank of America is one of the well known and second largest banking and financial provider in United States of America. It has a large worldwide chain of 5100 banking centers and 16’300 ATM’s. It has a glorious financial service history of providing reliable financial services to 20 millions of customers from more than 11 decades and is still improving and growing.

Bank of America offers financial services to its customer through retail branch banking, mobile banking and internet banking services. Their banking products are many including consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, insurance services, mortgage and loan policies, banking card services, wealth management etc.


We at BOA customer service offer consultation and solution services for many of the banking issues which BOA customers faces quite often. They include:


·         General banking questions.

·         Branch locating assistance.

·         Online banking and bill pay service

·         Fund transfer assistance.

·         Password retrieval for online banking.

·         Social Network banking links.

·         Reporting lost or stolen credit or debit or cash cards.

·         Report identity theft and securing online transactions.

·         Reporting suspicious activity in online banking.


Bank of America customer service number


For all these issues contact us through toll free Bank of America customer service number and avail the reliable and best quality services for your banking issues. We are available 24/7 with our team of selected experts.