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 SBCglobal is the main email provider in many organizations and also many individual users uses it for their personal mailing work. Users also use this mailing service through various devices and client mailing services according to their needs. SBCglobal Customer service offer best solution for your email account.Thus, it is necessary to configure the SBCglobal account accurately to stay connected with your mailing service. It has port settings, SMTP settings, domain settings, POP settings for each devices and services.


Configure the Accurate Settings for SBCglobal Email Account:-


  • The server domain for sbcglobal is “”.
  • For POP Server settings it will be “” with the Port of 995.
  • The SMTP server is “” with the Port of 465.
  • The protocol type for SBCglobal is POP3 which need to be selected where applicable.
  • If POP3 user ID is applicable is required for any device than it will be entered as “”.
  • In some devices and services it will ask for SSL, however for SBCglobal, the SSL is mandatory.


SBCglobal Customer Service Phone Number

 All these settings are important and required for sbcglobal account setting. However, the settings information is different for each service such as Outlook or OSX mail or android phones or iOS phones. Also the configuration process will differ according to the service settings and that information can be found easily from the website.


 Reportedly, many users face difficulties in configuring this mail ID in their specific devices and contact sbcglobal customer service for technical help. Customer services help users to configure their account correctly with the accurate server information. Customer services offer technical service over phone and through remote desktop services.


SBCGlobal Technical Support

Most trusted support for SBCGlobal emails


Are you facing issues while using SBCglobal emails? Searching for SBCglobal tech support phone number? SBCglobal technical support can provide you the best resolution to the emails. Stuck in any issue with SBCglobal mails, contact SBCglobal technical support team now and have a detailed conversation over phone.


Listed below are some of the common SBCglobal email issues:

  • SBCglobal log technical error.
  • SBCglobal email account setup.
  • Unable to send or receive emails
  • Synchronizing issues of SBCglobal mails with Outlook
  • Reactivation issues with the deleted SBCglobal mails


 Most of the times it is the issue of correctly setting up the email account, which also resolves most of the problems and also secures the account.


Steps for correctly setting up the SBCglobal mails are as follows:


  • Open Settings from the menu.
  • Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars tab and then the Account option.
  • Click on Add Account.
  • Next select ‘Others’ and then ‘Add Mail Account’.
  • Now enter the Name, Email & Password and Description. Tap ‘Next’.
  • Select the option of POP now.
  • Put Incoming Mail Server as
  • Click ‘Next’ for Outgoing Mail Server entering the User Name and Password.
  • Put Outgoing Mail Server as
  • Finally select Save. Your SBCglobal email settings are correctly setup now.