Google Maps Customer Service

Google map is superb web mapping service developed by Google. Using Google map you can simply find, navigate, locate and follow any location on the planet. It offers you satellite images, street maps, 360 degree view of streets, real time traffic condition and route planning when you are travelling on foot, by a vehicle self or public. You can utilise Google map on any of your device like PC, laptop, android phone, iphone, tablet and so on. Google map is used by individuals, traffic officers and several other organizations.

When you are using Google map and while using it if you face any safety or abuse problem with it then you can ask Google to hear about it right away and offer you the best Google maps customer service. If you are facing any issue like Google map listing and so on then you can directly get help from Google maps customer service number which is available 24X7 for all the Google map users.

Google Map issues

Like any other service even great service like Google map have some issues sometimes. What are those Google maps issues? Well they are listed below:

Google map is showing incorrect road names.
Google map is showing wrong information about one-way and two-way roads.
Google map shows incorrectly drawn road.
A road on the map doesn't exist.
Missing roads issue on Google map.
Google map is showing wrong addresses or marker locations.

How to add location in Google map?

When you want to add a location in Google map then you can follow below steps:

1.       First open Google map on mobile by tapping Google map icon.

2.       Tap menu at the upper left corner of the screen.

3.       Then tap ‘Add a missing place’ at the near of the bottom of the menu.

4.       Now you can add the name of the place. Spell the name as exactly as you want it to appear on Google map.

5.       Now enter the address of the location. Include city, state and Zip code if required.

6.       Now you can select a category for the place.

7.       You can also enter other information here like phone number, website, hours etc.

8.       Now tap ‘Send’.

Google maps customer service phone number

When you need help for any issue on Google map or for adding your location on Google map and so on then for hep you can dial Google map customer service number. The Google map customer service guy will help you in the best possible way.