Q. How to change address on Google Maps
genesis 15 September, 2017

How to change address on Google Maps

Google maps make you find your place and where you want to go it makes the things easier and also your world faster and much easier. The best thing is that you change the address on Google maps if your business has moved from one place to another. Google makes it easy for business owners as they can submit modifications to the business address and later on that will go through a verification process and your new address listed on Google.

Here are some steps that will guide you to change address on Google maps

•    First of all, on your computer or device, you will need to open the Google Map and make sure you're signed in.

•    Open the Google Map for the business name and the city.

•    After that you will need to click on the map which you have searched on Google, displaying the location of the business.

•    Then you will need to click on the map marker of the business requiring an address change.

•    Now you had to “Edit” in the button on that pops out of the map marker.

•    After this, you have to click on “Edit” Details

•    In the final step correct your business address that you had to make changes on it.

•    Click the “preview” to view changes before submitting for the verification

•    Click on “Save” option

Now, your Change Address on Google Maps process has been completed successfully.