Does Southwest Compensate for Cancelled flights?

If Southwest Airlines cancels your flight due to certain reasons then you can rebook the flight or travel refunds will be given by the airlines. It should also be mentioned that you have a choice to get additional reimbursement plans but often passengers are not much aware of the reimbursement choice. For getting your refunds, you probably have to call Southwest Airlines customer support team or you can seek your refund through social media platforms Twitter or Facebook.

The special thing about this Airline is that you can cancel your flight booking by just 10 minutes before the departure of your Southwest Airlines. Further, you should wait to know whether Southwest has oneself cancelled your flight before you cancel it. While the refund is always warranted, there are several circumstances in which the southwest airlines compensation for cancelled flights will not be done for you. It applies for certain unexpected incidents like:

  • The bad weather breaching security measures while taking off the flight.
  • Sky busy traffic for flights and the pilot is advised for not to fly until favorable conditions are re-established by air traffic control department.
  • The malfunction of airport facilities like some technical issues under the jurisdiction of the carrier, which will not qualify you for the refund.
  • Multiple timing changes of flights that cause you to miss your delayed flight, if originally scheduled, to take off against all odd situations.

In such particular scenarios, when you are having doubts for Does southwest compensate for Cancelled flights, then contact to Southwest Airlines customer service representative for instant help

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