Gmail Account Recovery Without Phone Number

How to Recover Gmail password without phone number

Gmail user life is almost dependent on their Gmail account as it is the primary account and linked and synchronized with every possible accounts including the phone book, bank details and so on. So forgetting the Gmail password is just not possible and so they need to know all possible solutions to recover it in any emergency situation. It is very easy to recover the password with the registered phone number but the individual should also know how to recover password without the phone number. To recover without phone number the user need to

  • First visit the official website of Gmail i.e
  • And enter their Email address
  •  It will direct to a page asking for password. Since the individual forgot, he or she needs to select “Forgot my password”
  • This will prompt to enter the “last password you remember” or else just ignore it
  •  Which will prompt “Try a different question”
  •  This will indeed direct to the Google Account Recovery page where the user will be prompted with 3 main options
  • The individual need to select the one, which is entitled "I don't know my password"
  •  On selecting that, the user will be required to fill in their Gmail address
  • Now, the user need to fill in a CAPCHA form and move to the next page
  • This will list options on how to reset the Gmail password
  • Here, the user need to select the alternative email address to receive a verification code
  •  Entering the verification code which will direct to a new screen to reset the Gmail password

This steps will help the individual to change their Gmail account password successfully without the phone number.