How to Install McAfee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus, undoubtedly is the best anti virus software among the other anti virus software that basically works as a safe guard for the system be it computers or laptops to protect it from getting any harm because of virus, malware or any digital risk. Users can easily install McAfee antivirus by following the steps that are mentioned below.
Hence, steps for McAfee anti virus installation are !
  • The first step to install the anti virus is to insert the McAfee anti virus CD in their CD drives of their systems.
  • Once the CD has been loaded on the system the users will get a message that will POP up on the system’s screen.
  • Users then are required to select on the removable disk of the system so as to look for the CD. There are times when the users get no POP Up message, so in this case they need to go to the CD Drives of their computer.
  • Then, users are supposed to run the McAfee software.
  • Further they need to follow the onscreen instruction for more process.
  • Users then are supposed to choose for their country from the drop down option.
  • Also they need to select on their language and choose for the set up settings according to their preference.
  • Select on the option named agree to the terms and condition.
  • Select on install.
  • After the whole installation step is completed the software will automatically update if needed.
  • Create an account on it so as to maintain the billings and the payment facility.
For more details just contact the McAfee antivirus installation support services and get the best information on it.