How to delete Google Chrome History on Android Phone

The android phones have almost taken up the space of desktops and laptops in our lives. They can almost do anything that a laptop or a desktop can do. The best part is that they are quite portable yet gives us access to everything that we want to do on a desktop.

It is advised that you keep on clearing the chrome history from your phone because it removes bugs from your phone and it also improves the performance of your android phone. Many a times customers complain of chrome crashing and not working. All this can be attributable to the bulky browsing history that needs to be erased.


Follow these steps to be able to delete google chrome history on android phone

  1. Launch google chrome on your phone
  2. Go to the ‘Settings’ option.
  3. Select ‘more’ option
  4. There will be different tabs there, choose ‘Advanced’ option
  5. Under "Advanced," option, select ‘Privacy’ and then select ‘Clear browsing data’.
  6. On the top, select the dropdown under "Clear data from the" option.
  7. You can choose a time period from which you want to delete the history, such as past one hour or past day. In order to delete everything, choose beginning of time.
  8. You can also pick out the types of information you desire to get rid of.
  9. Finally hit the ‘Clear data’ option and all your desired history would be gone.