How to Disable Pop up Blocker in Chrome?

If anyone is looking for the solution for how to manage there sites pop up windows then they no need to worry and wonder here and there as below is the given solution, just go through them and implement i in your respective chrome application.
Step 1: Firstly open your computer system.
Step 2: Then after launch the google chrome application in your computer desktop.
Step 3: As it will take few minutes to open the chrome browser, you have to wait for a moment.
Step 4: Now move to the top right corner of the web browser page, and there click on the three dotted point.
Step 5: There you will get the number options, from there just click on the settings option.
Step 6: Then search for the ‘show advanced settings’ and move to the next step.
Step 7: Now after that under the ‘privacy’ option, choose the ‘content settings’ and move for the next level.
Step 8: There it will show a number options then select the ‘pop ups’ from them.
Step 9: There you need to either click on the one of the two options shown as below:-
Do not allow any site to show pop up.
Allow some of the restricted sites to show the pop up block over that particular web page official site.