How to Fix Blue Screen on My Computer

Quick steps to fix blue screen error of computer
Blue screen errors are also known as Stop errors which is caused by hardware and software issues. Are you getting a blue screen error on your Windows computer and don’t have any idea to fix it? Then read this article and learn that how to fix blue screen error on my computer. For this, apply the below methods to fix this problem:
Step 1:- First of all, open your computer and then go to the Start menu.
Step 2:- Now right click on My Computer.
Step 3:- Now tap on the Properties icon.
Step 4:- Tap on the Advanced tab under the System Properties.
Step 5:- After that, click on the Settings under the Advanced tab.
Step 6:- Now unchecked the box Automatically restart under the Startup and Recovery.
Step 7:- Now tap on the OK to complete the procedure.
If you are unable to perform the above described steps, then boot your computer into the Safe Mode. For this, apply the below instructions:
Step 1:- First of all, press the Windows key and R key together to utilize the Run option.
Step 2:- Now type msconfig into the Open: field.
Step 3:- Now tap on the Boot icon under the System Configuration.
Step 4:- After that, checked the box Safe boot under the Boot options which is available at the bottom left side.
Step 5:- Choose Minimal option and then tap on the Apply tab.
Step 6:- Tap on the OK.
Step 7:- Now restart your computer and then it should load into Safe Mode.



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