How to Post Pictures on Facebook

Facebook is the trending social media app nowadays.It is the best way to communicate with the people who are really far away from each other by sharing the photos and thoughts of common interest. Today where noone has the time to visit their friends or family in person, this app provides them the facility to be in touch with their near ones.

How to Post Pictures on Facebook:-

  • You need to go at the top of your newsfeed
  • Then you have to click on the photo or video to upload photos or videos to your tmeline photos album
  • You can also click on the photo album in order to upload a new album
  • After that you need to select the photos or the videos that you wish to add to the facebook
  • Facebook also provides the feature to its user by which they can tag their friends in their photos or album so that it could be showed on their timeline also.
  • In this process you can also upload the multiple photos to your timeline as the part of your post.
  • But in order to do so you have to click on the add photo or videos on to the top of the page
  • then click on the upload photos or videos, followed by selecting the photos that you want to upload
  • after that you have to tap on the open button, now after that just to add more photos to your post you have to tap on the + icon in the empty box
    and you are done with this process