Unable to Change Gmail Account Profile Picture

Profile picture is indeed an add on feature that is provided by Gmail but with the changing world and change in their demand and requirements in life, profile picture has become an important and dominant feature. Profile picture is important as helps the recipients to know and recognise the sender. The importance of profile picture increases when an individual uses their Gmail account in their professional life. Profile picture not necessarily means the picture of the individual rather it can be the company logo in case of business purpose.  
However, it is a very often and common problem that users complain about is they are unable to change Gmail account profile picture. Gmail being the best service provider and leader in the digital world has its own reasons and specification and fulfilling the same, the individual can change their profile picture. Reasons being failed in changing the process of changing picture are as follows:
  •  Low quality of picture
  •  Improper size of the picture
  •  Internet connectivity
  •  Gmail app version
Solutions to the problem are
  • Good quality picture
  • High Resolution picture
  • Appropriate size of picture
  • High speed internet connection
  • Installation of the latest version of Gmail app in mobile, in case of changing the profile picture from it

Change Gmail profile picture with these mentioned steps !!

  • First of all the Gmail users are required to sign in to their Gmail account with their user name and password.
  • Then they are required to select on settings that is mentioned on the top right of that particular Gmail page.
  • Now, go to the my picture option in the settings menu.
  • From there the users are required to select on change picture option.
  • Further, click on the option named upload a new picture and proceed further.
  • After uploading the picture the users are required to drag their photo and keep that portion of the photo that they want to get displayed.
  • Once, the photo is set the users need to select on apply changes option so that the changes made gets saved.
Therefore, these are the steps that the users require if they want to change their Gmail profile picture. After the users have changed their pictures they’ll get to see their new profile picture everytime they sign in to their account.